MTSU— A bill that would allow full time faculty and staff at state colleges and universities to carry concealed weapons on campus has passed through the Tennessee Senate.

Middle Tennessee State University would be included in the schools that would be affected if the bill does pass into law. For some professors, like John Dougan, this is a fact that could potentially drive him from his job.

“Not only would I choose not to carry,” explains Dougan. “I would give serious consideration to leaving the university.”

Students are unsure about the bill as well, and for Allie Phillips, an MTSU Junior, her decision on which school to attend would have been swayed if this bill had been made into law when she was deciding where to go.

“Definitely if there was a gun in every classroom I would have considered somewhere else,” says Phillips. “Thank God that wasn’t the situation back then when I was deciding, but it would have probably been a factor.”

However, some students, like MTSU sophomore Kaitlin Reeves, think that allowing professors to carry guns on campus would be a great idea.

“I’d feel safer,” explains Reeves. “As long as they know how to properly respect and carry a fire arm and when it’s appropriate to discharge a weapon.”

The bill would require the faculty and staff to have a concealed carry permit before they would be allowed to carry on campus. The bill still has to be voted on in the House before the decision is made whether to make it law or not.