MTSU— Governor Bill Haslam has proposed an extension to the “Drive to 55″ initiative called the “FOCUS Act”. The new implementation would focus on the six universities that will no longer be associated with the Tennessee Board of Regents in the upcoming school year.

Since the universities that were once on the TBR will have more autonomy, transition teams have been put into place to aid students in the switch. According to Lindsey Pierce, the Student Government Association President and member of the FOCUS Transition Board, the change is something for students to look forward to.

“Students should be excited that we’ll have autonomy and that we’ll have our own board that will be governing us here at MTSU,” says Pierce.

Students, like Tanner McAtee, who is an MTSU junior, agrees that more freedom is a good thing.

“MTSU [will] probably do more of the activities that they want to do and not have as much regulation upon them,” explains McAtee.

The changes that are expected to take place will not happen all at once. The FOCUS Transition period will start July 1, 2016, but the full program will not go into effect until Spring of 2017.

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