MURFREESBORO, Tenn.— Special Kids in Murfreesboro was able to use contributions from donors to open their brand new therapy playground on Tuesday, April 5th.

The new playground has been long-awaited at Special Kids, according to the Director of Marketing at Special Kids, Ginger Spencer.

“The playground has been a dream of Special Kids for many, many years,” explains Spencer. “[It’s] something we could use for our kids not only when they’re in therapy, but also for their siblings to have a place to go and play and just a great environment where we have special needs children intermixing with children who are developing typically.”

This play area is a huge opportunity for children like 9-year-old Hunter Limbaugh, who is a student at Special Kids. Hunter says that he’s excited about the playground because he can practice his climbing skills on the equipment.

Hunter’s mom, Jennifer Limbaugh, says that the staff Special Kids has helped her son learn how to do more than just climb to new heights.

“When Hunter first came here, Hunter couldn’t talk [and] he could barely walk. He couldn’t feed [himself],” notes Limbaugh. “I mean he just blossomed.. and I owe it all to Special Kids.”

The playground is equipped with all sorts of equipment– everything from swings, to slides, to drums– all of these things help the children learn different skills while they think they’re just having fun.

“The playground is a great environment to allow the children to see what it’s like to interact with other children, to stay focused on a task, to be able to use play as a motivation,” says Spencer.

Special Kids has been open since 1998, but this is the first time they have had anything like this playground associated with their facilities.