Katie Inman

Multimedia Journalist


Hosting and Anchoring

Here, you can see examples of me hosting and anchoring for live broadcasts and television programs.

News 3 Weather 3.21.17

I weather anchored our News 3 broadcast at MTSU on 3.22.17. Storms were moving into the area, but the rest of the week will be partly cloudy until the weekend when we will be seeing some more scattered storms!

VOTE 2016

This is a video of different snippets from the VOTE 2016 election coverage by MT10. I anchored 7p-8p and 11p-2a with JR Smith.

Hosting for The RISE

I am a host for the morning show “The RISE” that airs on MT10 at Middle Tennessee State University. This is an example of me hosting during the second episode. (The original episode is 30 minutes–it has been edited and does not include every segment)

MTSU Connection Point 2016

I had the pleasure of acting as a “tour guide” for an MTSU promotional video that was shown to incoming freshman in 2016.

Anchoring Murfreesboro Christmas Parade

MURFREESBORO, Tenn.— A few clips from when I anchored for the Murfreesboro Christmas Parade in December 2015.

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