Murfreesboro, Tenn.—  You may be hanging up your shovels and gloves if you choose to garden hydroponically– but what does that word even mean?

If you garden using hydroponics, you are not using any soil to grow your plants; you just use a mixture of water and fertilizer.

The benefits of using this alternative gardening method outweigh the costs according to Jason Chambers, who is the owner of Middle Tennessee Hydroponics here in Murfreesboro.

“It’s more efficient and it’s also more automated. You use 80 percent less water in hydroponics and about half as much fertilizer,” explains Chambers. “It [also] stays in one place, it’s easy to maintain and it’s fun!”

Chambers says that it’s important to start gardening hydroponically because you can start growing and producing your own food, which can help to take away the strain on the food system.

However, Chambers also says it’s important to start “small and simple” if you do choose to take on the hydroponic journey.

There are many ways to garden using hydroponics, and a plethora of products to choose from to get your products growing. All of this can seem overwhelming, but Middle Tennessee Hydroponics provides products, service and advice that you can’t find at a regular gardening store.

If you want to find out more about the hydroponic process and find out where this unique business is located, visit Middle Tennessee Hydroponics’ website here.