NASHVILLE,Tenn.– Thousands of supporters and protesters showed up to President Trump’s rally in Nashville to let their voices be heard.


The line outside the Municipal Auditorium stretched down James Robertson Parkway, wrapped around buildings and event continued on different streets. Thousands of people were lined up even by noon on Wednesday.

But even though the temperatures were around freezing that day, that did not stop the chants among supporters of “Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump,” and did not stop the protesters from holding their signs and chanting things like “Hey ho, Donald Trump has got to go.”

The doors opened around 3:30, and even by 6:30, the auditorium was not filled and there were plenty of people still outside.


President Donald J. Trump addressed the crowd in his usual style, and talked about everything from health care, to building the wall, to being excited to be in Music City.

“There is no place I’d rather be than with all of you here tonight, with all the wonderful, hard-working citizens of our country,” President Trump urged.

Some supporters at the event, like MTSU College Republican President April Carroll, said that standing in the chilly weather was worth the wait.

“I think waiting outside was the worst part, but once we got in and got through security, it actually went fairly well,” Carroll recalled.

However, some protesters that made it inside the event were escorted out. Some were holding signs, while others were chanting and yelling.


When the event ended, and the supporters were met by the protesters, some angered showed in the conversations.

People from both party lines were yelling, getting in each other’s faces and arguing. However, some stood by and just held their signs, like protester Linda.

“Freedom of speech is for everyone, so it’s fine with me that people come out and disagree with me,” Linda explained.

Nashville Metro Police say that they arrested two people at the Trump rally, one for fighting while in line and one for shoving another person.