MURFREESBORO, Tenn.— In a society where staring at screens is second nature, noticing neck pain after looking down for a long time is no surprise.

The term “text neck” has been used to describe the pain that is felt in the neck after looking at your phone, tablet or laptop for extended periods of time.

Physical therapist Jason Barclay with STAR Physical Therapy in Murfreesboro says that looking down can even cause your next to age faster.

“Over time we lose that disc height, that’s a normal part of aging,” Barclay explains, “but the more time we spend in static, loaded positions like that, we kind of advance that a little bit quicker than natural aging.”

But even if you are experiencing “text neck,” you don’t have to give up looking at your devices all together.

Barclay explains that if you lift your device to eye level, your spine will be in a more natural position, and will take some pressure off your neck.

Some professionals say that the best way to make sure your neck and back don’t get stiff is to stretch throughout the day.