KNOXVILLE, Tenn.– Robert Jett is recovering from wounds he received earlier this week when he attempted to stop a purse thief.

Jett ran through the Food City parking lot on Chapman Highway after seeing 80-year-old Sara Redmon struggling to hold on to her pocket book while a younger woman was trying to snatch the purse.

Jett fought off the attacker, but lost his footing and ended up getting caught up in the car door. The woman then proceeded to drive away through the parking lot while Jett dragged along the ground.

Jett eventually got loose from the car and made it back to his family, who was watching nearby.

The scrapes and scratches are healing, and Sara Redmon is in tip-top shape after the attack. She claims Jett is her “guardian angel” and that she could have been a lot worse off if it wasn’t for this good deed.