FRANKLIN, Tenn.— On January 24, Elizabeth Poe, the owner of The Joy of Knitting in Franklin, posted to Facebook, saying she would not tolerate what she says is the vulgarity, vile, and evilness of the Women’s Movement. Since that day, she says she has received an outpouring of opinions.

The response has been negative and positive, but Poe says the positive comments, calls, and posts have far outweighed the negative. She also adds that her business has definitely increased since the post was created just a few weeks ago.

Some of Poe’s customers, like Nancy Umberhandt, says she wasn’t surprised that her shop went viral and that she spoke her mind on the matter.

“Only Elizabeth,” Umberhandt exclaimed.

Poe has received orders from all of the world, and even if the people calling don’t order, they ask if they can do something else for her– whether it’s a donation, encouraging word, or a prayer.