MURFREESBORO, Tenn.– You never realize how much blood donations are needed until you or someone you know is involved in an emergency situation or is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

When you go to donate blood, you usually don’t think about where that blood of red goo will go once it leaves your body; however, that bag of blood could save someone’s life.

Donating just a pint of blood can save multiple lives, but that donation can hold a bigger meaning according to Jennifer Schultz, who is Blood Assurance’s Blood Donor Recruiter.

“Blood donation could save up to three lives,” explains Schultz. “But […] it helps cancer kids feel better. When children are sick and they get these products it instantly makes them feel better.”

One of the children who benefit from the donations is 10-year-old Luke Denson, who has battled with Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome most of his life, and was recently diagnosed with Myelodysplastic Syndrom, or MDS, which is a pre-leukemic condition.

Luke has to have blood transfusions multiple times a year while he waits on his bone marrow transplant, and his mother, Honey Denson, says that those who take the time to donate are keeping her son alive.

“He would be extremely sick right now if it wasn’t for blood donations,” says Denson. “It’s saving his life right now while we wait for the transplant.”

The transfusions that Luke has already received have made a considerable difference in Luke’s everyday life. Denson pointed out that before Luke’s blood transfusion last week, he was feeling down and lethargic, but as the pint of blood was being pumped into his body, she could instantly see his mode shift, and it wasn’t long before he started riding his bike around the neighborhood.

Denson wants everyone to know that when you choose to give, you are doing something super for someone else.

“You could be saving somebody’s life that day,” urges Denson. “It’s your one chance in life to really be a superhero.”

If you knew your donation could make someone else feel better, would you be that superhero?

Before you donate blood, make sure you’re healthy as well, and follow some of these tips on this checklist before you take the plunge:

  • Make sure you drink plenty of water up until the time of your donation to ensure your veins are easy to find.
  • Get plenty of rest the night before you donate.
  • Come knowing your information and your health history

To view a full list, visit Red Cross’s Website here.